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Offshore Software Development

In software engineering, Offshore software development is the means of offshoring the software development process in a country where production costs are lower, which decreases budget that is spend on a product. This means you are sending your business operation to be done remotely by other people.

Offshore software development will include the following services: product design and architecture, coding and testing; developing SaaS, Internet/Intranet solutions, e-commerce, project management and other special web based services. Offshore based Development can also be called as Outsourcing which happens in many ways such as To an individual developer or an agency; Delegating the whole project or only certain parts or features; By hiring a dedicated team of developers. We as a Offshore Software Development team follow steps such as preparation, selection process and working practices for providing better solution to our clients.

Services Offered:

  • We study the marketplace and your potential niche, and decide on what features you would need. We learn about competition for your product and find out what are right, what are missing and what technologies you can use, etc.
  • We put together a roadmap with milestones to reach solutions step-by-step. We also make sure that what you are going to build meets legal regulations, especially in cases where apps use personal data or/and money payments.
  • We think on who would be using your product, what for and what they would be able to do with it.
  • We analyse on your capacities, skills, technologies and tools you need to use to make it happen. We do research on outsourcing models and select the one that best suits your product.

And finally, we prepare a detailed specification (or documentation) of project requirements and quality standards. We abide by Intellectual property rights and take care of confidentiality of the information of our clients.

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